• The Global LAMP Index® Performance

    The Global LAMP Index® is a learning lab of companies that have led the emerging corporate renaissance. They are generally more productive and profitable than their traditionally managed peers because their life-affirming cultures inspire people to work with their hearts as well as their minds.

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    The Global LAMP Index® Performance
  • Profit For Life: How Capitalism Excels Profit For Life: How Capitalism Excels

    “This is a landmark book, one which freshly imagines and reframes the basic purposes of the corporation in accord with our democratic values.”

    “Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management

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  • Living Asset Stewardship

    Living asset stewardship reverses the priorities of traditional capitalism by assigning a higher value to living assets (people and Nature) than to non-living (capital) assets. It recognizes that living assets are the source of capital assets. Global leadership companies therefore place a higher priority on stewarding people and Nature than on amassing capital.

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    Living Asset Stewardship
  • The Emerging Corporate Renaissance

    The emerging new capitalism is centered on life rather than capital a paradigmatic shift in beliefs and mindsets from industrial age capitalist theory. Such shifts are rare in history because they utterly transform our cultures. They arise from deepening systemic failure and the search for new insight. And they typically play out over centuries.

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    The Emerging Corporate Renaissance

Attract the best employees, the most faithful customers, and the most patient investors.

A More Effective Model

Important insight often comes with a shift in perception one that enables us to see the world in a more revealing way. In this website we shall examine the world in a different context.

Better Than Average Performance

The big picture that emerges from the back tests and ongoing investment results of the Global LAMP Index® is a more effective mental model of the firm (LAS model) overtaking a less effective one (traditional model).

Profit for Life

This book looks at companies as living entities whose extraordinary energy and value-creating potential arise from living assets (people and Nature). It challenges the traditional model of business as solely a profit-making machine.



About Joseph Bragdon

Jay BragdonJoseph (Jay) Bragdon is a money manager for high net worth families and a pioneer in the field of corporate stewardship. He co-authored the first empirical study on the linkages between stewardship and profitability in 1972.

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