About Joseph H. Bragdon

Joseph (Jay) Bragdon is a money manager for high net worth families and a pioneer in the field of corporate stewardship. He co-authored the first empirical study on the linkages between stewardship and profitability in 1972. Titled “Is Pollution Profitable?” it was published in the insurance industry journal Risk Management (Volume 19, Number 4). He also co-chaired the first national symposium on “Corporate Responsibility in Investments” at the Harvard Business School.

In the early 1990s his research approach was transformed from the linear thinking processes of traditional corporate analysis to the non-linear (holistic) processes of systems thinking. To assess the viability of this new approach, he created in 1996 a learning lab of corporate LAS exemplars, which later became the Global LAMP Index®. Through an iterative series of tests and refinements, the lab was completed in 2004.

Profit For Life (2006) presented LAS as a strategically superior model of corporate management one that is fast overtaking the traditional industrial capitalist model. This remains the central focus of Jay’s work.

Jay is a research member of the Society for Organizational Learning and a board member of the Sustainability Institute both centers of applied systems thinking.