The Global LAMP Index®

A Learning Lab With Extraordinary Results

The Global Living Asset Management Performance (LAMP) Index is a learning laboratory of sixty (60) corporate pioneers in living asset stewardship (LAS). It was conceived as a research project in 1995 to inform the writing of Profit For Life (Cambridge: Society for Organizational Learning. 2006). The Index sought LAS exemplars in a diverse spectrum of global industry/sectors – companies that were pioneers in life-mimicking organization and management.

When completed in 2004, the composition of the Global LAMP Index® was roughly comparable to peer indices, such as the Morgan Stanley Corporate International (MSCI) World Index and the Financial Times (FTSE) Global Index. This made possible credible performance comparisons with those indices.

In 2007, following publication of Profit For Life, Northfield Information Services analyzed Global LAMP Index® Returns in terms of risk and reward. In January 2015 they returned to the Index for a fresh test. The following summarizes their findings. A more detailed analysis can be found on the blog.

Global LAMP Index® Returns vs. Comparator Indices
1995 – 2015


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