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The United Nations Economic Program's Financial Initiative (UNEP-FI) in collaboration with the Global Footprint Network and a number of leading financial institutions, has decided to investigate the linkages between ecological risk and sovereign credit risk.1 This is a long overdue step towards greater transparency in global bond markets and a fresh affirmation of the new renaissance thinking in business ...


Jay and Jeanne Bragdon visited the Kalundborg Symbiosis on September 23, 2011, where they talked with project officer, Berndt Jespersen. Two of the original corporate members of the symbiosis - Novo Nordisk and Statoil - are constituents of the Global LAMP Index and a third, Novozymes, is a related company. "Today humanity uses the ...


House of Futures Talk, Copenhagen, Denmark

This presentation is as it was presented on September 21st, 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can read the notes from the presentation below"with slides where appropriate"or, you can download the full presentation PDF. My message today is one of hope. It is based on the strength of the human spirit, our survival ...