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A new global corporate leadership is emerging: one that prospers while living and working in harmony with Nature and society. This Introduction briefly summarizes how they do it and their astonishing investment results. Companies That Mimic Life is a nearly finished work in progress. It tells the stories of seven global corporations that best exemplify this movement and shows why the ...


Over the past 20 years the Global LAMP Index® beat its global benchmarks 18 times. Last year was one of the rare anomalies when it lagged. That said, it wasn’t off by much. In the competitive world of global equity indices, such consistent excess performance is unheard of. Given the low turnover of companies in the Index (less than 1% per ...


The Global Financial Commons

Since ecologist Garrett Hardin’s 1968 article on “The Tragedy of the Commons,” sustainability advocates have thought of the commons in a global biological context: one embracing the health of our atmosphere, forests, arable land, oceans, rivers and the creatures that live therein. There is also a global financial commons. And it is more closely related to our biological commons than most ...