Introduction to Companies That Mimic Life:
A Corporate Awakening to the Real World

A new global corporate leadership is emerging: one that prospers while living and working in harmony with Nature and society. This Introduction briefly summarizes how they do it and their astonishing investment results.

Companies That Mimic Life is a nearly finished work in progress. It tells the stories of seven global corporations that best exemplify this movement and shows why the more competent they become at mimicking life, the more profitable they become.

The transformation in corporate culture modeled by these companies signifies a radical departure from the long-standing norms of industrial capitalism, which have unwittingly led to global ecological overshoot, climate change and social alienation.

In sharing this introduction, I am seeking feedback and assistance in finding a credible publisher.

My goal is to accelerate the transformation process now taking place by describing its critical elements to business leaders, investors and social change agents. The more they understand the regenerative and healing qualities of companies that mimic life, the quicker the world will shift towards this new paradigm.


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