About Joseph H. Bragdon

Joseph H. (Jay) Bragdon is a money manager for high net worth families and a pioneer in the field of corporate stewardship. His journey in this field began in 1972: first, as lead author on “Is Pollution Profitable?”, the first empirical study linking corporate environmental practices to profitability (published in Risk Management); and later as co-chair of the first national symposium on “Corporate Responsibility in Investments” at the Harvard Business School

In the early 1990s, discerning shortcomings in the traditional linear thinking practices of investment analysis, he started experimenting with more non-linear (holistic) analyses based on systems thinking. During this time, he began to see companies as complex living systems, whose essential resources were living assets (people and Nature) rather non-living capital assets – a complete reversal of the industrial capitalist model of reality. From this insight he developed his theory of living asset stewardship (LAS), which distils the best practices of global stewardship leaders.

To assess the legitimacy of this emerging new approach, he created in 1995 a learning lab of corporate LAS exemplars, which later became the Global LAMP Index®. The exceptional performance of this Index eventually led to publication of his two books: Profit For Life (2006) and Companies That Mimic Life (2016). In addition to these, he has pulished articles on the LAMP Index for the systems thinking journal, Reflections, published by the Society For Organizational Learning.

Jay is today a board member of the Academy for Systems Change (www.academyforchange.org) and a research member of the Society for Organizational Learning (www.solonline.org) – both centers of applied systems thinking.