In 2014, the Global LAMP Index® returns continued to outperform leading global benchmarks. Measured on a market capitalization basis, LAMP returned 5.51% versus 4.47% for the FTSE World Index, 5.50% for the MSCI World Index and 3.09% for the S&P Global 100. Measured on an equal weighted basis, the Global LAMP Index® returned 8.48 percent, beating those global benchmarks by ...


2011: A Year of Sub-par Returns

After fifteen years of top tier returns, the Global LAMP Index® lagged all three of its global comparators. During 2011 it lost 9.20% in value versus losses ranging from 3.18% to 5.53% on peer indices. Perhaps we were due. In the investment world nobody runs at the front of the pack all the time. For those wishing to see the ...